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Pet Photography & Training is all about Love and Patience.

It is the owners who make them great.


Bambiland was established in 2014 in Hong Kong. It was named after our beloved dog, Bambi. We have been capturing the precious moments for over 2000 families with furry babies. Pets are not only pets, they are the core of family. It is really worthy to at least have one shooting session with them in lifetime. 


We put the experience of your furry baby in the first priority. We ensure they are happy during the entire shooting session.

Jerry (Siu Ming) is a very professional experienced photographer as well as an internationally certified (CTC) reward-based pet dog trainer. Thus he can handle shy or reactive dogs for shooting a lot better like no others. 

We focus on the capture of the personality of pets. Every minor body language shown is important and makes a different. 

We provide the following services:

  • Pet + Family Photography Session

  • Party or Event Photography

  • School Portraitures 

  • Pet Dog Training and Behaviour Modification

  • Dog Walking

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