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About Bambiland

Bambiland was established in 2014 based Hong Kong. It was named because our beloved dog is named Bambi. 

We relocated into the UK in Sept 2022 that's why we will be covering our service to pet owners in UK since then.


Our photographic style is just simple. We want to capture every personality of animals and the experience of animals during photo session is our first priority concern. 


We provide the following services:

  • Onsite or Outdoor Pet Photography Session

  • Pet Dog Behaviour Consultation or Training Session

Philosophy of Bambiland




小明是國際認證寵物犬訓練師 (Certificat in Training and Counseling, CTC),為世界頂尖犬隻訓練學校 The Academy for Dog Trainers 的畢業生。正在努力推廣以「和理非」的方法去教導狗狗,其實就是以科學的方法,讓狗狗在不受壓迫和傷害的情況下學習 (Scientific & Force Free Training) 。


我不贊成狗主使用任何會令狗狗受痛苦甚至受傷的工具,如 Choke Chain﹑P 鍊﹑釘帶 (Prong)﹑電頸圈 (E/Shock Collar)。我亦反對以打罵的方式去教導狗狗。




- 10年以上全職專業攝影經驗
- 曾為不同國際知名公司拍攝
- 現為世界頂級婚禮攝影師公會 ISPWP 會員及入會評審

- 皇家攝影學會會士 aRPS


- 大學主修心理學

- Certificate in Training and Counseling (CTC)

- 美國 The Academy for Dog Trainers 畢業生
- 提倡科學﹑非壓迫及人道的方式教育狗隻

Bambi was adopted by us after being abandoned. 

I was suring Facebook at 4AM before the day and saw a post about Bambi is seeking a new home. We immediately contacted and Bambi was with us the next day. 

There are countless reasons for people surrendering their pets. However, damage must be done regardless the reasons. 

We support adopting pets instead of buying. We are 100% reward-based and care about the feelings of pets. 

No pets should be hurt because human beings entertaining themselves.

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